"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin


"An investment in knowledge always 
pays the best interest."

- Benajmin Franklin


I believe that we ALL deserve to live an Abundant Life & that means allowing our MONEY to flourish. 

So, that it not only protects us and those we love, but also gives us the FREEDOM TO MAKE CHOICES.

🤯 However,
it’s easy to feel

STUCK & CONFUSED on the road to Financial Freedom!

In fact, you may be feeling:

✔️ STUCK in a non-ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck

✔️ LOSING sleep over how you will reduce your Debt

✔️STRESSED about where to even start when it comes to building generational wealth

✔️ DEFLATED as inflation eats up your hard-earned savings

Or actually...

YOU may have a retirement fund and even invested in a brokerage account, but you haven’t been ACTIVELY involved because all the financial mumbo jumbo is confusing.

So, what happens?

You end up waiting and waiting…stuck in ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!

And the more time passes, the further you DELAY YOUR MONEY'S ABILITY TO GROW.

You also REDUCE THE POWER to spend your time & energy on the people, pets, and activities that you LOVE.

Now, this is what I want you to know…

Many times what holds you back from stepping into your
FINANCIAL POWER - especially as WOMEN - has NOTHING to do with your skills & abilities, but EVERYTHING to do with:

➡️  FEAR of not having enough money knowledge and making a financial mistake

➡️ HUSTLE & BUSTLE OF LIFE, balancing work, family, relationships, and household duties

money beliefs that we carry from childhood

, such as focusing on spending less vs learning to transform your money into assets

What Our Clients Are Saying

Yewande Faloyin

Founder & CEO OTITO

Anna partnered with me to truly understand the mindset driving my current financial structure, create a personalized way for how to think about & create my financial health goals, and data points to keep my finances on track. The result: I feel super energised and majorly in control of my finances. Thank you, Anna! I could not recommend you enough!

Jo Ingram

CEO Jo Ingram Coaching

Anna helped me evaluate my finances & opened my eyes to a long-term strategy that I'd been missing. Her warm & pragmatic approach, combined with phenomenal financial knowledge meant I was able to take actionable steps to invest for my future. I feel immense relief, I’m doing the best I can for my family’s financial security- I wish I’d done this sooner. Thank you Anna!

Tim Maudin

The Professional Encourager

Anna geeks out over finances but can present financial information without using geek-speak. That’s important so that novices, like yours truly, can understand how to achieve financial independence. You owe it to yourself and also to your children’s future to speak with Anna.                                               

It all starts with increasing your
Financial Knowledge & Creating a Strategy
that includes:



Transforming your money stories, thoughts, and feelings to help you create abundance


Money Management


Getting control of your financial health via smart financial strategies

Growing Your Money


Investing strategically & tax-efficiently in alignment with your values and goals

This is the thing...

Investing is NOT just about picking
assets to grow.


It is about MANAGING your money efficiently, UNDERSTANDING your risk tolerance, LEARNING the financial lingo & nuances of the markets, KNOWING what to look for when choosing assets, and OVERCOMING investor biases.

That’s why I am here...

With a brain full of knowledge and a heart full of passion, inviting you to

Wear Your Money Crown® and Rule Your Finances™ 

Hi Friends! I’m Anna,

A certified Financial Educator (CFEI), Money Coach, Author, and Founder of WEAR YOUR MONEY CROWN®.

After more than two decades working on the trading floors of large global banks with many of the world's largest investors (USA & Europe), I decided to launch my heart-centered financial education business. 

Thus, aligning my financial knowledge with my LOVE of teaching and desire to leave a legacy of goodness in the world. 

My passion is to promote Financial Inclusion & help CLOSE THE GAP in financial literacy. 

I ADORE empowering individuals to achieve their Financial & Personal goals by teaching the principles, frameworks, and strategies to help them go from feeling Financially Overwhelmed to Money Confident.

Now, I want to tell you a little story that I have not shared with many people…

I was able to buy my parents a home at the age of 23.

But I didn’t start wealthy.

 In fact, I remember as a child putting pots on the floor to catch the endless leaks from our ceiling because my parents couldn’t afford to fix
the roof.

 At ten-years of age, I made myself the promise to one day buy them a home... one with no leaky roofs and in a safe neighborhood.

Through hard work and a heart of perseverance, I graduated from one of the world’s top universities - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - and made my way to Wall Street to grow my money-savvy skillset. 

That’s how at the age of twenty-three, I made good on my dream of buying my parents a home. Since then, I have expanded my asset & property portfolio and learned to build sustainable wealth.

 I’ve also learned the Ins and Outs of Financial Markets after a long & successful career in Wall Street & the City in London.

Now, I teach and empower others to build their own financial resilience and create generational wealth!

You see, it all starts by increasing your Financial Know-How and developing a SOLID financial blueprint.

That is why I created the RULE YOUR FINANCES™ ACADEMY!


Rule Your Finances™ Academy:

A step-by-step online course & group coaching program teaching the
Art of Welcoming, Managing, and Investing your money
to take control of your Financial Power.

Program starts Monday, 30th of January 2023


Rule Your Finances™ Academy
is the ONLY program of its kind that…


Through clear step-by step instruction, resources, tools, support & accountability.


By teaching the key holistic financial principles, frameworks, and strategies to help you create sustainabile wealth.


Into easy to understand concepts and terminology, explained by someone who has worked hand-in-hand with many of the world's largest money managers.


Access to key financial & wellness experts to support you on your journey to
financial health.

Rule Your Finances™ Academy will give you lifetime skills toATTRACT, MANAGE, and GROW
your money for a financially stable future. 


build your Financial Resilience, and create Generational Wealth, then it’s time to

Goals Of The Program:

Become Knowledgeable and Money confident

LET GO of feeling Financially
Overwhelmed & Frustrated

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Overcome Obstacles & Beliefs that are blocking you from creating and attracting the abundance you deserve

Make Confident  Financial Decisions

Become Empowered by increasing your Financial Know-How and build an actionable plan that is authentic to you

Think Like An Investor

Learn to strategically Convert Your Savings Into Assets and Grow Sustainable Wealth

Live Life
On Your Terms

Learn the KEY Financial Strategies & Tips to reach your Personal & Financial Goals

Build Generational Wealth

Develop a Personalized Financial Roadmap that aligns with Your Values

When You Join Rule Your Finances™ Academy,
You Get:


7 Module Curriculum* & Video Trainings:

Action-based & step-by-step trainings, workbooks, tools, and resources to help you confidently create the mindset, habits, and actions to grow your money for success.
* Modules will be released in a phased sequence & you will have access to them for a Full 12-months as per our T&Cs.

(Value $3,500)

3-Months of Live Coaching and Q&A:

You will have access to Weekly LIVE group coaching calls with Anna to review the material presented in the program and get your personal questions answered
(all sessions will be recorded).

(Value $4,500)

3-Months of Community & Accountability:

You will get access to a private Facebook community of members who are on the same journey as you. It is a place to ask questions, share thoughts, talk about money, and celebrate your wins.

(Value $2000)

The modules will be dripped & released in a specific sequence, allowing time for Implementation, Workshops,
and MasterClasses.

Program starts Monday, 30th of January 2023

Plus Awesome BONUSES:

Bonus #1:

Budget Like A Boss Plug-n-Play Budgeting Worksheet

(Value $297)

Bonus #2:

Workshop Financial Health Checkup with Anna and Plug-n-Play Tool

(Value $497)

Bonus #3:

MasterClass Series with Exclusive Guest Experts


Bonuses For The Program:

Budget Like A Boss Plug-n-Play Budgeting Worksheet

An excellent tool to track your money and create a spending plan that is in alignment with your financial goals.

Workshop  Financial Health Checkup with Anna Orenstein-Cardona

Learn the key financial ratios to monitor your financial health, how to calculate them, and keep them updated via our very own Wear Your Money Crown® Plug-n-Play Financial Health Tool!

Masterclasses with Guest Experts

You will get exclusive access to a VAULT of Trainings by financial & wellness guest experts from the USA, UK, and ASIA, in addition to NEW LIVE Masterclasses to help deepen your understanding of the Key Strategies & Tips to build Wealth Holistically.

Private Facebook Community

You will get access to a private Facebook community of members who are on the same journey as you. It is a place to ask questions, share thoughts, talk about money, and celebrate your wins.

Take A Peek Inside:

In this module, you’ll learn the truth about financial success and create the beliefs & rules that will guide you on your journey as an investor.

We’ll dive into your own money stories, understand the difference between savings & investing, uncover the magic of compounding interest, and discover the 4 key pillars for developing the skills to grow your money.

You’ll walk away with a new awareness about attracting money into your life, gain insights into your financial behaviors, and set the foundations for building wealth holistically.

 In this module, you’ll learn the key foundations for monitoring your cash flow for success. You’ll understand the main strategies for increasing your income, get a clear handle on reducing your expenses, and learn the key tactics you can adopt to manage your debt without stress.

We’ll also teach you how to establish both Flexible and Growth savings in order to build a financial cushion to protect you from life's curveballs. 

By the end of this module, you will have effective strategies to put into practice when managing your money and which will further support you on your wealth building journey.

In this module, you will learn how to successfully align your behaviors with your personal and financial goals. You’ll master the key techniques to spending, saving, and investing your money holistically and in harmony with your values.

Additionally, you will deepen your grasp on the different styles of budgeting (even for those whose income may vary) and break down the key elements for your own financial plan.

You’ll walk away with a crystal clear roadmap to help you turn your desires into visible results and ensure your money is working hard to support you in the process.

In this module, you will gain a deeper comprehension on the key foundations for investing wisely and learn to balance short-term nervousness with your long-term financial goals. You will also gain clarity on your own risk tolerance and how to calculate your risk capital.

We will go into detail regarding the main asset classes to grow wealth, including alternative investments, and become cognizant of the benefits of diversification when investing.

By the end of this module, you will have a deep comprehension of the different financial asset classes, options and practices, which investors can use to scale their income. 

In this module, you will gain insight on the stock market is and how it actually works. We will shed light on all the elements needed to help you conduct individual stock analysis with confidence and ease.

You will learn how to research and compare stocks, understand what drives price movements, and get a full breakdown of the steps to execute stock trades smoothly.

You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the inner workings of trading stocks and put into practice the key steps to creating a solid stock portfolio.

In this module, you will gain a deeper comprehension of the difference between stocks and bonds. Additionally, you will learn how to invest in them through mutual funds, index funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

You will also gain insight on the importance of costs and learn to deconstruct them, so that you can make informed decisions when putting your money to work. We will also cover what comprises ESG investing and learn how we can get exposure to the real estate market, without actually owning property.

By the end of this module, you will have a handful of key strategies and tools to solidify your investment journey.

In this module, you will learn how to create an investment plan and construct a successful asset strategy that is in alignment with your goals, whether it is a DIY portfolio or Done For You portfolio.

You will also be acquainted with the key considerations and strategies for retirement planning (including tax and risk strategies) and how to ensure your retirement accounts are properly invested in order to provide you with future financial stability. 

You’ll walk away with a precise financial roadmap and strategy, which you can continue to implement as you build generational wealth and financial resilience.

+ Plus

 Weekly Live Q&A  

You will have access to Weekly LIVE group coaching calls with Anna to review the materials presented in the program and get your questions answered directly, as well as in the Private Facebook community.

+ Plus 

Guest Experts

MasterClasses & access to some of the MOST talented financial & wellness professionals, from USA, UK, and ASIA to share their expertise with YOU. Topics covered include numerous themes from the world of investing, wellness, real estate, crypto, and asset management (amongst others).

What Our Students Are Saying

Dr. Susan Rushing

Medical Director, MD, JD

Anna's financial coaching course Rule Your Finances™ Academy is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend it to all - young and old. The content is filled with basic personal finance PEARLS and introduces students to more advanced financial concepts as well.

I wish I had taken the course decades ago. Anna is easy to talk to and prompt to answer questions. If you're ready to take a deep dive into your personal finances and your relationship with money, you can feel secure with Anna as your guide. 

Colleen Jones

Corporate Executive

I learned so much more than I expected. It was a lot of work to go through my own finances and assignments, but it was worth it for all the knowledge that I gained. It is empowering to take charge of my finances, understand where I am currently, and what I can do to have a more secure future.

I now have a healthy and growing emergency fund, started a separate savings, and contributed more into my pension. Thank you for your teaching and encouragement to help me gain more financial independence!

David Hannigan

Business Executive

Anna runs a brilliantly structured, interesting & informative course and group coaching program. Her passion and knowledge of personal finances shines through, as well as offering excellent hands-on experience.

The external speakers are also very informative & the whole course provided a solid groundwork of investment knowledge for anyone who would like to demystify this subject matter, amongst other key personal finance topics.                                                             

Let's Bust These Misconceptions:

You have to be wealthy to invest

No my friends, in fact you have to invest in order to be wealthy. 80% of Millionaires are Self-Made, meaning they did NOT come from money but learned to manage their money successfully. This can be you too!
For when we invest, we reap the benefits of dividends,interest payments, capital growth, and compounding interest.

Investing is hard

Investing is familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary, methodology, and strategies. Anything we do for the first time is difficult, I mean remember the first time you rode a bike? IT was tricky. And the hardest part was getting over our fear of doing it. The same goes with investing.  It’s all about replacing fear with confidence by increasing our knowledge, getting guidance, and
taking action! 

Men are better at investing

Don’t even get me started on this misconception. In fact, multiple studies have shown that women outperform men in investment returns. Some of it has to do with our attitude to risk, but it’s also because we are methodical and are able to remain calm in the storm. And that counts for A LOT
when investing!

You cannot overcome your money obstacles

100% False. We can control what we spend, what we invest, and also the opportunities that we seek. Our Money Mindset is a big predictor of WEALTH and we have the power to control our thoughts and behaviors. 


You have to hire someone

Nope. We are very capable of doing so many things ourselves, including investing. We just have to take the time to build our financial knowledge, learn to use the right tools, and commit to dedicating the time to follow the markets or understand the value in passive investing through the use of indices and ETFs.

Investing is risky

Yes, there are companies that have gone bankrupt in the past,  but the likelihood of a well regulated, public company going KAPUT  is minimal. Additionally, when investing, there are strategies we can perform, such as adding diversification to our portfolios, in order to ensure that our exposure is evenly distributed and invest for the long-term.

Our Belief

We do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes, which many people promote, and end up doing nothing more than draining your hard-earned money. So, if you are looking for a magic button that will make you wealthy quickly, then
Rule Your Finances™ Academy is NOT for you.

We believe in dedication and focus to reach your goals! That’s why this program has been specially designed to help you build the knowledge, find the clarity, and implement the actions that will help you achieve positive results in your financial & personal life.

We are also here, as your teacher and accountability partner, to help move you forward faster, but  you must keep in mind that this is a practical action-based program, where you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and commit to taking financial actions.

Let’s Commit to STOP:

⛔ Living paycheck to paycheck
⛔ Leaving our money in a savings account losing its power due to inflation
⛔ Handing over our financial powers to others
⛔ Putting off our finances until the future
⛔ Allowing our limiting money beliefs hold us back from living the life we envision

And let’s Commit to INSTEAD:

✔️ GROW our money so that it can work harder for us 
✔️ LIVE an intentional life where money is a Tool to express our values
✔️ BUILD generational wealth for us & our loved ones
✔️ STOP living in scarcity & fear 

👑 Most importantly, let’s commit to being our own
Financial Hero and stepping into our Financial Power,
 whether we are the main breadwinners in our families or not,
whether we are single, married, in a relationship, or separated.

Let’s commit to growing our money so that
WE HAVE THE POWER TO SAY NO to that which does not serve us,
whether it be a job, relationship, or circumstance. 

So friends, are you ready to make
a commitment?

Commitment is an agreement to achieve something and the most important kind is that which we make to ourselves.

Let’s start TODAY by committing to
improve our financial wellness.

This Program Is FOR YOU  If:

You are tired of letting your limiting beliefs or others control your financial power.

 You are ready to roll up your sleeves, commit the time, do the work, and take action to transform your financial life.
You are open and willing to align your mindset, habits, decisions, and actions to create a positive relationship with money. 

 You are committed to long-term success and understand that what you get out of something is what you put into it.

This Program Is NOT  For You If:

You are looking for a program solely focused on money mindset.
You want a get-rich-quick solution.


You are not committed to dedicating the time needed to do the course work.
You are not willing to take the actions that will help you achieve the results.

 Students Testimonials

Lorraine Field

Artist & Creator

As a young woman I worked in a Financial Advisors/Stock Exchange. I always felt totally intimidated by the people around me and thought finance was totally beyond my comprehension. Years later, I met Anna online. Anna’s course breaks down into bite size pieces the jargon required to more fully understand finance. How I wish I learned this years ago! If you’re thinking of investing or simply want to understand more about how financial markets work, then this is the course for you. Not only does Anna make it easy for you to learn, she’s so down to earth and approachable. Any question you may have is answered in a calm and kind way.

Marisela Morales

Engineer & CEO of Household

I can honestly say that it has been a "before and after" experience for me. I learned not just about the well-being of my finances and my budgets, but more importantly about myself and how I come to treat my finances. In the end, financial knowledge gave me the necessary personal confidence to take a much more hands-on approach to financial matters. I never imagined I could invest in the financial markets, but this program and working with Anna, has allowed me to learn how to exactly do that and more. More importantly, it's given me the confidence to do it at my own pace. Thank you Anna for your time and patience, and for always being available for my questions and concerns!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction with Rule Your Finances™ Academy is important to me. I believe wholeheartedly that when you change the way you think about money and how you approach it, years from now - way after we have done our work together - you will still feel empowered because you will simply know better. You will master how to align your financial behaviors with your goals, how to spend, save, and invest in alignment with your values, understand what questions to ask before making a financial decision, and most importantly, you will know how to make your money work harder (so that you don’t have to). I’ve created this Program with much love, knowledge, and the dedication to seeing you succeed. However, if for  some reason within the first 14-days of joining, you aren’t happy, then reach out, show us your completed coursework thus far (email to [email protected]), and you will be eligible for a full refund as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.